Sharing a passion for art and nature has led us to work very closely with leading suppliers and renowned artists.

Marc’Harit-Finder of Pearls

Our pearls are supplied exclusively by Marc’Harit-Finder of Pearls. Marc’Harit is recognized as one of the world’s first pearl suppliers to focus on natural, unenhanced cultivated pearls with an early commitment and active presence in the development of sustainability in the jewellery industry. Marc’Harit’s respect for nature, the ocean and the quality of gems sourced is unequivocable. These factors are evident in each and every pearl we offer.


Wennick-Lefèvre, our beloved supplier of Madagaskan sapphires, shares our love of the planet and the all natural treasures created by the earth. Wennick-Lefèvre operates from site to customer with full traceability and exclusively offers completely natural, untreated gems.

Castro NYC Collaborations with Aventina-Spencer


We are exceptionally honored to offer the work of one of the most current and acclaimed Black jewellery designers of our time. Castro’s works of art have graced the cover of Forbes, Hamptons, Vogue Latin American, Vogue Mexico, amongst others. In 2021, Castro’s work was presented in a groundbreaking exhibit of black jewellery designers at Sotheby’s.

Aventina-Spencer - Michelle Currie

Michelle Currie
Sci-Artist and Award Winning Jeweller

Michelle’s innovative and unique practice is inspired by science, astronomy and research into Black Holes and Gravitational Waves. Experimentation with ferromagnetic materials such as Iron sand collected from Scottish beaches and Ferrofluid, a substance created by NASA to control liquids in space, have resulted in a spectacular collection of fascinating pieces of wearable art.

Michelle’s Award Winning work has been exhibited internationally including Switzerland, New York U.S.A., Germany, and Scotland. We are thrilled to now offer Michelle’s creations exclusively in Ireland.


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